Less Om more Oomph.

Focused on functional movement and your personal needs as an athlete. Yogeur offers group yoga classes and one-on-one experiences, centering on improving strength, flexibility, focus and mindfulness.


Yogeur creates day, multi-day or week-long workshops to help athletes and teams incorporate a holistic approach to training.

Dynamic Yoga.

A strength-based yoga practice with a focus on functional movement and linking breath to movement. You will move through sequences that challenge your strength and flexibility, isolating specific target areas prone to weakness, stiffness and immobility. All levels welcome.

Dynamic Yoga Class

Release Yoga.

A downtempo class beginning with gentle movement to warm up the body followed by myofascial release using props and massage balls for trigger pointing. The attention is focused on being present, with the aim of releasing both physical and mental tension. This practice also acts as an early warning system, alerting athletes to areas that feel tight or uncomfortable and may be prone to injury.

Recovery Yoga.

Ideal for those hours post-training when relaxation is vital for recovery and the body is warm and limber. A restorative class focused on increasing mobility and the removal of metabolic waste to speed up recovery and reduce the effects of DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness). Regular weekly implementation of this class is essential as it activates the parasympathetic, or the ‘relax and restore’, nervous system. This may take some getting used to if you’re not used to slowing down.

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